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We care about pigs.
You are looking for a competent partner who will be by your side when it comes to reaching an absolute maximum in quality and profitable efficiency in pig production? A partner who will be committed to your requirements and who will passionately develop and put into practice made-to-measure solutions for you? …. you have found him: WEDA – Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH would be pleased to welcome you!
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Piglet Feeding Gaining E-Mobility Piglet Feeding Gaining E-Mobility
During piglet raising, the foundation is laid for an optimal fattening and carcass performance of the fattening pigs. Accordingly, the energy and nutrient requirements of the animals should already shortly after birth be supplemented by a regular distribution of small feed rations.
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Liqui Comp Forever! Liqui Comp Forever!
In 1979, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp put Liqui Comp on the market. The feeding computer has been successfully used by pig farmers to this day. These pig farmers are still extremely satisfied with the product, which allows them to manage their animals without restrictions with regard to operator convenience.
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WEDA Sole Shareholders Of WELTEC WEDA Sole Shareholders Of WELTEC
With effect from January 20th, 2014, Erich Stallkamp has retired as a co-partner of WELTEC, manufacturers and operators of biogas units, located at Vechta. The other co-partners, WEDA from Lutten, have taken over these company’s shares and are now holding 100% of WELTEC.
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De-Mixing Impossible: Mix-Pipe has been Ensuring Feed Quality for Ten Years De-Mixing Impossible: Mix-Pipe has been Ensuring Feed Quality for Ten Years
An efficient feeding technology is core component of modern pig managements. At the same time, it is essential that also in complex pipe systems the consistency of the liquid feed remains identical so that the feed components cannot separate from each other.
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