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House Equipment: “PlayLine”.

The Toy Roundabout for Plenty of Variety inside the House

Weda have developed a system on rails - PlayLine -, to which various occupation materials for piglets and fattening pigs can be attached. An automatic system ensures that the toys can be drawn from one pen to another in order to provide the animals once or twice daily with new occupation material. This way, the occupation materials remains permanently attractive for the animals.

Various examinations have proven that any kind of occupation material installed inside the pens loses its appeal for the pigs within a very short time. In cooperation with the Producer Ring Westphalia, Weda are now able to make occupation material in the pen attractive again for the animals.

With the aid of PlayLine, the toys are fully automatically rotated between the different pens of a division, whereby once or twice daily new occupation material is made available for the animals in the pen. The special feature of the new system: the occupation materials can be raised over the separating walls of the pens by means of a special system. And as almost all variations of occupation materials can be fastened to the chains of PlayLine and can be combined with each other (e.g., balls, biting stars, teething rings, wood, ropes, chain crosses, straw buckets, lick stones, etc), a large variety of playing material in the pen is provided. Also, the legal requirements are fully complied with.

The PlayLine system brings change into the house. Each day, the animals are given the possibility to occupy themselves with different toys, which considerably improves animal wellbeing as boredom is not given a chance. Apart from that, stress reactions, like for example tail biting, can be clearly reduced. This again promotes the health of the animals because less injuries occur and therefore also less infections which result from it.

The farmer also has direct benefits from the system. As it runs automatically, it is very much low-maintenance, and a regular and time-consuming replacement of the toys by the farmer is from now on a thing of the past for him.