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WEDA participates in the acoustic hunt for grain pests.

Acoustic system for identification of pest infestation in grain.

For quite some time, agricultural companies of Germany have been struggling with the problem of pests and are looking for innovative methods for sustainable protection supplies.

In 2017 started for example one such research project of European Innovation Partnership „Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability“ (EIP-AGRI) aimed at the development of an innovative system for early identification and tackling of pest infestation in grain stores in a close collaboration of farmers, farmers´ associations, consultants, scientists and agricultural companies. The use of the „Beetle Sound Tube“ system shall significantly reduce the damage from insects. The system enables identification of pests by acoustic signals which are transmitted by tubes containing microphones.

WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH based in Oldenburg Münsterland is contributing to this project as one of these partners and is involved in the manufacturing of tubes for the „Beetle Sound Tube“ system.

You can find detailed information about the process and the first research results in the Brandenburg biofarm „Manor Schmerwitz“ here.In the next few years, the system will be tested in four more farms.