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Nutrix+ ready for serial production

Ready for serial production.

Frequently, nature is providing the inspiration for the right kind of form. However, putting the beautiful theory into functioning practice has not only kept great inventors occupied time and again. Also in Weda’s development pit in Lutten (South Oldenburg Region), heads are spinning many a time. The conceptual formulation: a liquid feeding system for suckling piglets, which is also able to dosificate piglet starter feed I without any problems, and which is, in all this, cost-effective, too... Briefly thought about – and the problem is solved! The solution was presented by Weda on the occasion of the EuroTier 2014. Within the branch: a real thunderbolt! The Nutrix is now ready for production and available for sale.

However, up to the time of series production, some decisive development steps were necessary. In the run-up to this, Weda’s developers have spent many hours with the necessary tests, and any tiny problem was noted down and improved. Ralf Meyer, Weda’s Development Manager: “It was important to us from the outset to design a suckling piglet feeding system, which is first of all able to carry out the most accurate dosification amounts, and secondly enables the use of reasonably priced piglet feed, and which thirdly possesses a state of hygiene that will not develop into a problem for the unit.” Succeeded! According to Development Manager Ralf Meyer, Nutrix+, the sensor supported suckling piglet feeder is able to dosificate pure milk and prestarter as well as also viscous feed pulp in smallest quantities of up to 100 millilitres directly into the trough. “With this, we are well positioned on the market” says Meyer, delightedly.