Simple animal control

WEDA Smart.Light

The Smart.Light is a small LED lamp that displays messages for the employee or farmer directly in the house as needed.

  • Straightforward animal control, as animal status is visible at a glance
  • Rapid action on the animal possible 
  • Reduction in working time 
  • Automatic comparison to the feed curve 
  • Logging and analysis of the feeding data  
  • Compatible with 4PX liquid feeding and Nutrix systems, as well as Opti.Mum 
  • Computer-controlled LED lamp

Brochure Smart.Light


  • Trockenfütterung_Trockendosierer_Opti.Mum_Stall_WEDA
  • Trockenfütterung_Volumendosiere_Opti.Mum_Stall_WEDA_ArticleTeaser
  • Trockenfütterung_Smart.Light_gelb_WEDA
  • Trockenfütterung_Smart.Light_rot_WEDA
  • Trockenfütterung_Smart.Light_aus_WEDA
  • Trockenfütterung_Smart.Light_im_stall_WEDA