Agroscoop award thanks to WEDA Nutrix

Award for outstanding performance in piglet production

At the International Green Week in Berlin, the feed manufacturer ForFarmers for the third time awarded the Agroscoop Cup for outstanding performance to agricultural enterprises. The companies were selected on the basis of data from Agroscoop, a ForFarmers analysis programme enabling production and business management evaluation.

The Agroscoop winners for 2018 in the sow category are Daniela and Peter Fangmann from Dinklage (Lower Saxony) for achieving 36.1 weaned piglets per sow per year. Related to a litter, that is 15.2 weaned piglets from 17.6 live born piglets. WEDA's Nutrix, a feeding system for suckling piglets, is used to supply such large piglet litters with the sufficient quantity of milk and prestarter. The piglets benefit enormously from this additional feeding, and this also increases the chances of survival for smaller suckling piglets and prevents the sow from being strongly sucked off.

In the video below, find out how farmer Peter Fangmann achieved his top piglet breeding performance. In 2017 Julian Wolters, partner of Fleischmann-Wolters GbR from Goch (North Rhine-Westphalia), was distinguished with the Agroscoop Cup. The company succeeded to wean 14.3 piglets per sow and litter, and this result was also achieved through the use of the piglet feeding “Nutrix” by WEDA.

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