Animal well-being houses for sow-keeping

Organic pens for the BioBrüder Heimann farm in Recklinghausen

Our new customers, the Heimann brothers, realised four new houses with 20 organic pens each with WEDA. A structured layout, easy operation and cleaning as well as the catching feature are benefits of WEDA organic pens.

The BioBrüder Heimann farm in Recklinghausen is very special. The Heimann brothers are operating a sow farm with piglet raising facilities compliant with Bioland requirements at the northern border of the Ruhr area – with lots of passion and, of course, straw. Here, every animal is able to freely move through the straw and to go out into the open air at any time. Sophisticated technology helps staff work with ease and security. The movement pens are designed to match the animals’ needs. The animal itself decides how to use the pen. Organic farming is fun this way!

Click the image below to watch the video about keeping sows compliant with Bioland requirements.

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