New Concept FERMhealth: Optimal feeding for suckling piglets

Together with our partner Dr. Ferm (Ronald Scholten), we have developed a concept called FERMhealth, which ensures optimal feeding for suckling pigs. The interesting thing about this concept is that we can combine the piglet feeding NUTRIX and the WEDA mini fermenter with Dr. Ferm‘s know-how around the bacteria and thus offer a unique product. Feeding the newborn piglets with the FERMhealth concept leads to improved gut health and better vitality of the piglets.

The principle is very simple: the gastrointestinal tract of a newborn piglet should be colonized with positive bacteria as soon as possible. Negative-acting bacteria such as clostridia, coliforms or salmonella should be minimized and positive bacteria such as latobacillus propagated at the same time. The repeated automatic absorption of these positive bacteria by the piglet feeding NUTRIX gives the piglet a healthy intestine and thus more strength and vitality. This results in less work in daily workflows, reduces the use of antibiotics and other additives and helps avoiding piglet losses.

Recent studies at a pig farm in the Netherlands show that the use of Nutrix alone allows piglets to reach up to 1 kg more settling weight. With the extended combination with the WEDA mini fermenter, the losses of the piglets can also be reduced by up to 1% due to improved vitality and health.

Liquid ferment is also popular with sows. It has a low pH (< 4.0) and a high lactic acid content (> 1.5%), is highly tolerated and thus provides a rapidly available energy. The sows eat much better around the date of birth, which significantly increases the milk yield and thus supports the piglets again.

Example calculation:

1% less loss in piglets

1000 sows = 30,000 piglets/year

1% less losses= 300 piglets/year x approx. 40 Euro = approx. 12,000 Euro