New flooring system from in-house production

Complete range of grates for the farrowing area

When it comes to floors in pig farming, you need reliable grates. Through proprietary manufacturing, WEDA provides a complete range of grates that generate extraordinary comfort for sows and piglets. They ensure stepping safety, a comfortable temperature and feature rounded edges, which is particularly positive for small piglets.

Our plastic grates made of polypropylene are easily and quickly installed. In addition, they are durable and particularly robust. Polypropylene as a material is also low-noise, which makes for a more quiet pig house. The grates achieve a maximum of hygiene since they can be cleaned quickly and easily with a high-pressure cleaner.

All this makes WEDA grates the ideal addition for modern pig farming. They fulfill maximum requirements for successful sow and piglet raising and simultaneously promote animal welfare.

You can find more details about our grates in the brochure below.

Broschüre Bodensystem