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Weda - We care about pigs

WEDA Motion Pen

Motion Pen Allows More Freedom of Movement.

More freedom of movement – more animal wellbeing. The probably most important argument for motion pens in farrowing pens could be described like that.

For this, WEDA have developed a motion pen, which is simple to operate. This ergonomic variation combines proven standard elements with a new locking mechanism into a user-friendly solution. The users are able to open and lock the farrowing crates with one hand and without great effort or complicated assembly. Both side parts can be swivelled to the outside and can be fixed to the pen wall. This way, with only one touch, more motion space is created for the animals. An individual adaptation to the size of the sows is possible due to the length and width adjustment of the side parts. No matter whether in straight or diagonal positioning – sow control and the quick glance into the trough are possible without any problems. The large piglets’ nest is arranged on the side next to the farrowing crate and can be reached parallel to the passage. The risk of contamination clearly sinks because entering of the pen for piglet control is not necessary any more.

The construction of the door flaps is wear-free, so that no costs due to spare parts supply or service calls occur. Independent of different floors and farm sizes, the WEDA system is universally applicable.