Innovative technology

– Made in Lutten

For more than 80 years we have been continuously working on fulfilling the individual plant requirements of our customers every day. 150 employees in 13 departments take care that things run smoothly.


Our largest department: Production Mechanics

Our projects are planned in a customised way, meaning that many parts of the customer system need to be manufactured individually and tailor-made according to specification. This means that from work preparation to lasering and welding all the way to assembly and coating, all work steps must be coordinated in a perfect manner.

"For our mechanical production to work smoothly, diligent work preparation is indispensable. On top of that, we need a high degree of flexibility to meet special customer requirements."     

- Christian Mihlan, Head of Production Mechanics

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Electrical production, custom programming and service

In our own production halls we work hand in hand: as a team. Almost every project passes through each of our departments once, from production mechanics, electrical production, custom programming to service. Not only do we develop and produce independently at our company site, but we also test each product and programme – repeatedly and extensively.

"We customise equipment to meet the needs of the customer."
- Tobias Lange, Head of Department

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WEDA Service

Our service is available to customers during the week as well as on weekends.

"This comprehensive accessibility is important because our customers work with live animals."

- Michael Pund, Department Manager Production Electric


"We help customers on the phone. With the customer's permission, we can dial into the system on site and offer solutions to problems on the spot. And if that proves impossible, either a WEDA technician travels to the customer's facility or we contact one of our partners nearby." 

 - Marcus Kroeger

Our history

A small picture gallery illustrating our company history.

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