Liquid feeding made easy!


Until now, some employees had a great deal of reserve when it came to handling and operation of complex liquid feeding software. The further development by WEDA, however, breaks new ground in this regard.

The new Easy.Touch programme interface provides employees with completely new and straightforward operating options, making it virtually impossible for them to make mistakes. Due to the individually customisable screen and function assignments, each employee has their own operating options on the dashboard depending on their responsibilities. The user can then arrange their own icons to create their own control panel on the screen. When the user starts work, all it takes is a click on the individual , icon, which can be colour-coded as desired, and the self-created control panel opens.

Much like a smartphone, Easy.Touch can be operated very easily and intuitively. This reduces employee work time, increases equipment safety, and makes operating a liquid feeder a breeze. The best thing about it: by selecting the icon, the display changes to the employee’s national language.


All advantages at a glance:

  • Individual image and function assignments that can be adapted to the employees, depending on their responsibilities
  • Straightforward, quick operating options
  • Assigning of necessary authorisations to each employee in the house
  • Each user can create their own on-screen control panel that is comprehensible to them
  • Icons marked by colour and name
  • Straightforward, intuitive operation
  • Reduction in working time
  • Increased safety of the system
  • Switching of language possible on a per-employee basis


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  • EasyTocuh_WEDA