Veco.Mate climate control for
optimum climate in the house

New Veco.Mate product range

The Veco.Mate product range includes climate computers, alarm systems for reliable reporting in the event of a malfunction and power supply units for operating hatches and actuators in the house.

All Veco.Mate products are harmonised in terms of function and can be networked via CAN bus. The devices are capable of exchanging information such as outside temperature, air rates, alarms, fan speeds etc. The house climate can be controlled using a touchscreen with an intuitive overview interface or remotely via smartphone. 

The Veco.Mate climate computer is designed to control up to 4 compartments at a time. Various functions and parameters can be easily adapted to local requirements using the device display. This provides you with a flexible and universal Veco.Mate climate controller.

Brochure Veco.Mate


  • Klimasteuerung_Veco.Mate_WEDA_400_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Veco_Mate_Single_CAN_WEDA_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Veco_Mate_Notstromversorgung_WEDA_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Veco_Mate_Frequenzregler_Maske_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Veco_Mate_Frequenzumrichter_2_WEDA_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Veco_Mate_Notstrom_offen_WEDA_Galerie
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