The ideal ceiling and wall covering for your house


The ideal ceiling and wall covering for your house. Our product portfolio includes ceilings for every need. Starting with ventilation ceilings made of expanded PS rigid foam, via aluminium ceilings, all the way to insulating ceilings. 

Diffuse ceilings 

  • Coated or uncoated 
  • Slotted and profiled 
  • Uniform distribution of supply air 
  • Good thermal efficiency
  • Made of glass fibre-reinforced polyester or aluminium (fireproof) 
  • Allows for very good air distribution due to mineral wool overlay. Even in large compartments
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean surface 


  • Klimasteuerung_Decken_Wandverkleidung_Querschnitt_Trapezdecke_Dämmung_WEDA_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Decken_Wandverkleidung_Lochdecke_WEDA_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Decken_Wandverkleidung_Aludecke_WEDA_Galerie