Optimum temperature
in the house


Optimal temperature in the house. An optimal temperature in the house is essential for successful production. Our products ensure temperatures at which your animals feel comfortable.

Warm water heating

  • Available as ribbed, delta, or twin pipe 
  • Made of aluminium 
  • Saving of energy costs
  • Maximum heat yield
  • Waste heat generated by a CHP can be used
  • Large surface area of the pipes allows for high heat emission 
  • No production of CO2    
  • No additional humidity in the house
  • Better control of the indoor climate
  • When installed underneath the supply air duct, the delta pipe heats the incoming fresh air
  • Twin pipe (photo): Installed in the laying area of the animals


  • Klimasteuerung_Heizung_Rippenrohr_WEDA_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Heizung_Allgasgebläse_WEDA_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Heizung_Twinrohr_WEDA_Galerie