Precise and simple

Supply air valves

Precise and simple. Our ceiling and wall supply air valves allow for precise routing of the supply air. The valves are suitable for all types of animals and installation situations. 

Ceiling supply air valves 

  • Available as single and double valve 
  • Good air distribution at minimum air flow rate
  • High capacity at maximum air flow rate
  • Energy-efficient fans with minimal
  • resistance
  • Easy installation in flat house ceiling 
  • Can be combined with diffuse supply air for 
  • summer air rate
  • Smooth surfaces and easy to clean 

Wall supply air valve

  • High insulation value (reduction of condensation) 
  • Stable
  • No suspended ceiling required 
  • Cooler supply air, as air comes directly from outside
  • Cost-effective, as no suspended ceiling is required
  • Smooth surfaces and easy to clean


  • Klimasteuerung_Zuluftventile_Deckenventil_einzeln_WEDA_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Zuluftventile_Deckenventil_Doppelt_WEDA_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Zuluftventile_Wandventile_Stall_WEDA_Galerie
  • Klimasteuerung_Zuluftventile_Wandzuluftventil_einzeln_WEDA_Galerie