Robust and stable

Vent pipe

Components of a vent pipe. The following descriptions will provide you with a good overview of the structure of a vent pipe.

1 Diffusor

  • Increases air output by 15%
  • Reduces rain falling into the vent pipe

2 Storm braces for stabilisation

3 Pipe clamp for stabilisation

4 GRP roof covering

5 Ventilation pipe

  • Fully insulated chimney
  • Resistant interior and exterior coating (GRP) 
  • Special design “Vario-clip®”: Half-shells are “clipped” with the help of a PVC profile without additional tensioning straps or pipe clamps. Space savings  of up to 50% during transport since they can be stacked inside each other.

6 Chimney fan

7 Anchor ring

8 AQC unit

  • Can be used as a measuring and control unit in central exhaust air systems or under ventilation shafts
  • Energy-optimised ventilation
  • Consisting of measuring fan, exhaust air flap and servomotor

9 Water collecting pan

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