WEDA control system

Excellent 4PX – Control computer

The affordable control system for your house. The Excellent 4PX is an affordable Linux-based control system that efficiently controls all feeding processes. 

  • Designed in-house at WEDA and robustly constructed
  • Minimal change of hardware
  • Long-term spare parts supply 
  • Straightforward management and ISOagriNET compatible
  • Tracking can be done by means of a logbook
  • Easy-to-understand symbols
  • Individual process picture visualization 
  • User-specific input rights
  • Upon request, the WEDA service team can dial into the system and assist with settings or problems
  • Customer-specific equipment in the area of hardware and software due to modular construction, therefore easy to expand 
  • Fermentation software Fermi 4PX ensures smooth fermentation process
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