Multi-phase feeding

Batch mixer TM60/ TM120

With the TM60/TM120 weighing mixer, a wide variety of dry feed types can be combined and mixed according to individual needs and then dosed out into independent feed circuits via computer control and distributed with pinpoint accuracy. For mixing, the components are placed in the 60 or 120 litre mixing tank and mixed thoroughly and at the same time gently by the conically shaped spiral agitator. For the best possible quantity control of the components, the mixer is monitored by two load cells with a 10-gram resolution.

To allow for a parallel mixing and dosing out, the feed is transferred through a flap gate into the storage tank below after the mixing process. That way, the mixer can prepare the next batch without any loss of time, while the feed is being dosed out of the storage tank into the individual feed lines. With the help of the flap gate, the optionally divided chambers of the storage tank can be filled separately and, in this way, up to four feed lines can be connected. 

Another advantage of the new batch mixer is its low overall height. This means that it can be installed in rooms with normal ceiling heights. For the necessary hygiene and durability, the weighing mixer is made entirely of stainless steel.


All advantages at a glance:

  • Individual combination of dry feeding components
  • Use of independent feed lines via computer control with the Excellent 4PX
  • The 10-gram resolution of the weighing system guarantees high dosing accuracy
  • Octagonal hopper holding 60 or 120 litres
  • Helical mixing screw for thorough mixing
  • No waiting times due to simultaneous mixing and dosing out
  • Up to 4 feed lines can be connected
  • Suitable for multiphase feeding
  • Low overall height, can be installed in rooms with normal ceiling height and without fastening to the wall
  • Made entirely of stainless steel


  • Trockenfütterung_Chargenmischer_TM60_120_WEDA_Multiphasen_Galerie
  • Trockenfütterung_Chargenmischer_TM60_120_Multiphasen_innenansicht_Galerie