Multiphase dry feeding

DryComp system

The perfect multi-phase feeding for optimal growth. Our DryComp system is a computer-controlled multi-phase feeding system that enables the targeted supply of individual delivery points.

  • Weighing mixer in which different types of dry feed are combined as needed and fed via independent feed circuits
  • Precise weighing systems (resolution down to 10 g) guarantee high-level dosing accuracy
  • Option for sensor feeding
  • Simultaneous mixing and feeding out of the prepared rations
  • Computer-controlled system for the farm’s own production of mixed feeds
  • Two mixers with a maximum of 4 lines each can be fed in parallel
  • Control is via the in-house control computer Excellent 4PX


  • Trockenfütterung_DryComp_Fütterungsanlage_WEDA_Galerie
  • Trockenfütterung_Fütterungsanlage_DryComp_WEDA_Galerie