Easy and cost-effective

Star Feeder feed intake station

With the new motorised feed intake station of the Star Feeder product range, WEDA has now developed an easy way of multi- or multiphase feeding. The product range offers the option of being connected in series to blend up to four components simultaneously. The integrated motor-driven rotary valve controls the feed delivery into the feed line. Due to the frequency control, multiphase feeding works completely without the need to weigh the feed. This way, the Star Feeder achieves an even and product-friendly feed application.

The rotary valves are made of high-quality and wear-resistant TPU plastic. Under too high a load, the wings give way instead of breaking, thereby increasing the service life. In addition, no batch mixer is required for multiphase feeding. The system is durable, cost-effective, and provides for an easy volumetric multiphase dry feeding.


All advantages at a glance:

  • Uniform and volumetrically controlled delivery into the feed line
  • Cost-efficient
  • No manual settings necessary
  • Easy to service
  • Uniform system for the entire product range
  • Easy multi- & multiphase feeding without weighing (batch mixer)
  • Integrated rotary valves made of high-quality, wear-resistant TPU plastic
  • Space-saving
  • Can also be used for sow feeding with the WEDA Opti.Mum


  • Trockenfütterung_StarFeeder_Silos_WEDA_Galerie
  • Trockenfütterung_StarFeeder_Umlenkecke_WEDA_Galerie
  • Trockenfütterung_StarFeeder_untermSilo_mitUmlenkecke_WEDA_Galerie