Optimised feed supply

Feeding time control/sensor feeding

The optimum utilisation of the genetic potential of your animals. The trough sensor can be used for controlling feed quantities based on feeding time as well as for feeding by means of a sensor. With the help of the trough sensors, the feeding computer checks the feed level in the troughs and then optimises the feed supply.

  • No residual feed builds up under the sensor because the animals can pick up the feed under the sensor (wobbling sensor).
  • Higher feed intakes and therefore also an increase in daily gains possible
  • Avoiding under- and/or overfeeding
  • Water feeding via liquid feeding system with sensor is possible in a controlled manner


  • Flüssigfütterung_Fresszeitsteuerung_Sensorfütterung_WEDA_Galerie
  • Flüssigfütterung_Fresszeitsteuerung_Sensorfütterung_2_Galerie