Easy & quick dosing

MK injection & additive dosing unit

With the MK injection and the additive dosing units, additives can be prepared and fed into liquid feeds easily and quickly. Dosing takes place either directly into the mixing tank, or via the MK injection into the feed line or the outlet pipe.

MK injection

  • Dosing of individual pens and entire houses
  • Direct dosing of additives in downpipe
  • Prevention of carryover of additives in feed lines
  • Optimal mixing of the additives with the feed is ensured

Additive dosing unit

  • Dosing of liquid or dry additives
  • Reliable and with high dosing accuracy


  • Flüssigfütterung_Injektion_MK_WEDA_Galerie
  • Flüssigfütterung_Additivdosierer_WEDA_Galerie
  • Flüssigfütterung_MD40_WEDA_Galerie
  • Flüssigfütterung_MD15_WEDA_Galerie