Protection and warmth

Piglet nest cover for the farrowing area

The place where the piglets feel comfortable. The piglet nest provides your suckling piglets with protection and warmth. At the same time, it reduces energy losses in the house. If necessary, an infrared lamp can be integrated into the piglet nest cover.


  • Can be mounted on the left or right
  • Simple operation
  • Low dead weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Installation of infrared lamp possible
  • Special dimensions possible


  • Stalleinrichtung_Sauen_Ferkelschutzkorb_Typ_AKD_WEDA_Galerie
  • Stalleinrichtung_Boden_Abferkelung_Heizplatte_PVC_WEDA_Galerie
  • Stalleinrichtung_Sauen_Ferkelnestabdeckung_Typ_standard_WEDA_Galerie
  • Stalleinrichtung_Sauen_Ferkelnestabdeckung_Fangmöglichkeit_FiT_Bucht_WEDA_Galerie
  • Stalleinrichtung_Sauen_Ferkelnestabdeckung_Typ_Transparent_WEDA_Galerie