Easy compliance with the
highest hygiene standards

PVC pen systems in wooden look

Agricultural enterprises in the organic and conventional sectors place equal importance on individual, hygienic farming conditions. In pig farming, there is therefore an increasing demand for housing concepts that focus on the health and performance of the animals. This is all the more true in times when new types of infectious diseases are spreading all over the world.

WEDA has responded to these specific requirements of the keepers with hygienic pen walls and modules and is the only manufacturer to offer them in a natural wood look. In addition, the wooden look was expanded to include the flexible and particularly hygienic Hy.Board modules developed especially for WEDA.


All advantages at a glance:

  • Conventional and organic pig farming
  • Easy compliance with the highest hygiene standards
  • Easy to clean
  • UV-resistant surface, ideal for open houses with roaming space
  • Easy assembly
  • Low additional costs
  • The special, particularly hygienic Hy.Board is also available in wooden look


  • Tierwohl_Be.Well_Holzoptik_HyBoard_Stall_Innenansicht_Balz_WEDA_6000x4000_Galerie
  • Tierwohl_Be.Well_Holzoptik_HyBoard_Bewegungsbucht_Balz_WEDA_6000x4000_Galerie