WEDA Highlights at the EuroTier 2022

After a long break due to the Corona pandemic, trade fairs can finally take place again. This also applies to the world’s leading trade fair EuroTier 2022 in Hanover (Germany). The social and economic relevance of the pressing issues on the agenda of the world’s leading trade fair is high. These include, for example, animal welfare as well as digitalisation and automation. Correspondingly, the need for information and the interest of visitors in the livestock industry are also considerable.

We cordially invite everyone to visit us in Hanover from November 15 to 18, 2022. Stop by at our booth D05 in hall 17 and discover our innovative and practical concepts in the area of pig farming.  For a quick orientation, you can find out about our location on the exhibition grounds here.

Let our team of experienced professionals advise you on our latest developments on site.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back at EuroTier at long last!

The EuroTier innovations at a glance:

Dry.Sec Insect Feeding
Dry.Sec - The Innovation Award Winner 2022!!

When using the black soldier fly (BSF) as feed, young larvae can drown in the substrate if the dosage is incorrect and the substrate is too liquid. With the newly developed Dry.Sec dosing station, a fully automatic and precise subsequent dosing of dry, organic material is possible. An island of this material is formed onto which the young larvae are placed in the subsequent step.

Download: Novelty Dry.Sec

WEDA Aqua.Plus Neuheit 2022
Aqua.Plus - Mash feeding made simple

The Aqua.Plus is a water dosing system that uses sensors to encourage sows in the farrowing area to take in more feed because it is additionally moistened according to their needs and therefore tastes better to them. This is particularly beneficial in hot weather – shortly after feeding, Aqua.Plus adds an adjustable amount of water to the previously dosed dry food fully automatically.

Download: Novelty Aqua.Plus

WEDA 4PX.Trac Neuheit
4PX.Trac - Large display for all devices

The newly developed 4PX.Trac programme is a large display for tablets, smartphones or other internetenabled devices, which helps the farmer on the wheeled loader to precisely meter his feed recipe into the tank. At a glance, he can see what quantities he has already loaded into his tank and what quantities of other products still need to be loaded. Therefore, it is immediately apparent what needs to be done.

Download: Novelty 4PX.Trac

WEDA Quick.Gate Neuheit 2022
Quick.Gate - Simply quick mucking out

The Quick.Gate allows for the simultaneous mucking out of several outdoor runs in the shortest possible time. Due to special hinges, it lifts itself out of the straw onto the lateral concrete edge when opened. Due to a 2nd slide edge on the other side of the run, a long trough is formed alongside the house. Muck can be pushed out with a tractor in a single go in the shortest time possible.

Download: Novelty Quick.Gate

Weda Smart.Scope 1 Neuheit 2022
Smart.Scope - The clever group farrowing

The piglet protection cage of the Smart.Scope group farrowing pen has a telescopic design and is equipped with a self-catching mechanism. When you push it forward, a gap opens at the side. The worker has free access to the piglet nest, to the sow, and even to the sow’s trough without having to climb around awkwardly. To lock the animals in place before entering the compartment, a new self-catching restraint has been installed – the worker can enter safely.

Download: Novelty Smart.Scope

WEDA Opt.In24 Neuheit 2022
Opt.In-24 - Optimal fish feeding 24/7

In fish farming, large quantities of cost-intensive feed are intermittently dosed out to the individual breeding tanks by air pressure with a high expenditure of energy. In the process, the feed pellets are damaged by being fed through the pipe. The Opt.In-24 dispenses feed continuously over a 24-hour period by means of special tubular augers. The pellets stay intact, energy is saved, and the fish are fed ideally.

Download: Novelty Opt.In 24