Optimum care for suckling sows

More precise feeding of small needs-based portions

In houses for suckling sows, precise and regular feed provision is particularly important for sustaining or improving physical condition. Studies and long-term experience also demonstrate that a steady provision of small feed quantities increases feed intake and consequently milk production in sows. The latter in turn has a positive impact on piglet growth. With OptiMum, WEDA has developed a dosing system for the farrowing house featuring a rotary valve which facilitates taking full advantage of these benefits now.

The OptiMum system facilitates precise, regular feed provision and thereby takes into account the feed requirements of individual sows. The result is a sustainable balance of animal welfare, profit and efficient work. The OptiMum system can also be installed below the volumetric dispenser of any existing dry feeding system and regulate feed dosing according to the sows’ individual needs from there. To optimize feed intake, the OptiMum system regularly dispenses the feed in small portions if the sow hits the pendulum sensor with its nose. Its great advantage: The feed in the trough always remains fresh.

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This is how the pendulum sensor works:

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