Opti.Station electronic sow feeding system

The new form of electronic sow feeding

With the newly developed Opti.Station, WEDA offers a flexible mechanical electronic sow feeding system that can be individually adapted to the respective animal group. The advantages for the keeper: The Opti.Station works hand in hand with the control system. Other features such as the heat detection can be added optionally at any time.

The station impresses with its simplicity: The sow enters the station, the gate closes and, based on the ear tag, the control unit of the electronic sow feeding system detects which sow it is and how much feed may be fed via the dry feeding doser Opti.Mum. This is centrally controlled in the 4PX control computer.

Further advantages

  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Robust design
  • Straightforward technology: No valves, no cylinders nor complex control technology
  • 20 animals per station/feeding place, expandable for larger groups
  • Easy integration of additional features such as heat detection
  • Can be used with the Opti.Mum dry feeding system
  • The tried and tested Excellent feeding computer can control up to 240 stations

Brochure Opti.Station

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